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The Story Behind China Moon

Ian North wrote this song about a magical place where everything is wonderful all the time. It was inspired by the stories his wife told him about her childhood, growing up in Toronto and playing in the ravines and wooded areas of East York, around Taylor Creek Park. She spent much of her time building treehouses, creating secret gardens and imagining that she was in her very own forest. Watch the video and enjoy the journey in make believe.

Everything is Incomplete

Ian North's new album is a fresh blend of melodic songs that stick in your head. It is full of lyrical and poetic imagery set against a backdrop of contemporary soundscapes, electric lead guitar solos and harmonies. Ian sees and shows us the charm of life from "both sides now."  

Fallen Angel Folk-Rock

Uplifting melodies, real world characters, poetic lyrics, grounded imagery. Literate, thoughtful, playful, dreamlike, inspiring, hopeful and insightful storytelling.

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Ian North holding a guitar in front of a China Moon backdrop of a moon and bees
Magnetic Poetry of Ian North

This beautiful magnetic poetry set comes with a digital download of the new album "Everything is Incomplete". Ian's lyrical poetry is celebrated in this limited edition collection of 137 hand-chosen words by the artist himself.

Magnetic Poetry image
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