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Everything is Incomplete

The style and beauty of a perfect song is partly contained within a great musical hook. The hook floats, interacts and plays within a vibrant space of poetry. The magic that is contained in that space is well supported by a solid song structure. The perfect song is a mysterious potion, designed by the artist to stir the imagination in new ways. The perfect song leads to discovery and leaves the listener wanting more. The perfect song remains creative mystery.

Everything is Incomplete is Ian North's third studio album, to be released in late summer/early fall of 2024. It contains the promise of twelve creative mysteries. In his own signature style, the Canadian singer-songwriter delivers evocative poetry and beautiful melodies, packed in a rich production of soundscapes and harmonies. With five decades of experience honing his craft, we are sure you will agree that this latest album is a complete Canadian songwriting masterpiece. 

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